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Improve Your Mobility & Bone Health with Ostinol Advanced UK

ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co.Inc. is an innovative, employee-owned company specialising in the manufacture and marketing of cellular-level nutritional supplements. They are committed to providing quality accentuated products and services to healthcare providers and their fellow patients, as well as directly to consumers who are seeking to improve their quality of life, whilst supporting healthy ageing.

Their flagship product Ostinol Advanced Bone and Cartilage Stimulating Proteins is a breakthrough in the field of cellular nutrition. This product range is powered by an all-natural protein complex, Cyplexinol which is extracted from certified-organic bovine (cow) bones. Cyplexinol falls under the distinctive class of proteins which offer a powerful stem cell activating signal that is essential for the support of the body’s ability to develop new bones and cartilage tissues.

The extraction of Cyplexinol for Ostinol Advanced UK is done in a contemporary, FDA registered, non-GMO production facility. ZyCal strictly adheres to GPM guidelines and manufacturing excellence with top standards of quality control, all when supporting the small, natural cattle ranchers of Wisconsin at the central plains of the USA.

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