About Us

Insight Care has been at the forefront of Complementary and Nutritional health for over 35 years. With modern day stress, busy lifestyles and compromised diets it is important that we support our bodies with good Nutritional care. That is why we now offer our range of Nutritional Supplements and lifestyle products Online.

About our Clinic
  • Our Complementary and Integrative Care Centre is based in the heart of London.
  • Our philosophy has always been to treat patients/clients and not their diseases.
  • On the assumption that no therapy is absolute, we like to work to support your constitutional wellbeing, using the therapeutic and analytical modalities we have.

We are not registered with the General Medical Council. We are covered by our own Professional Bodies and carry the appropriate Professional Indemnity Cover as licensed practitioners.

** The Universe works in strange ways. Wishing you Health & Joy,

The Insight Team.
**If you have a medical condition we would advise you to see your General Medical Council registered Medical Practitioner. Your Licensed General Medical Council Doctor, might then refer you to us for therapies to supplement or support their treatment protocols.