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Optimise Your Eye Health with Hycosan UK

Founded by John and Tom Freyne, Scope UK offers a wide range of innovative management products targeting individuals with Ocular Surface Disease & Age-Related Macular Degeneration, along with an established food supplement range. Operating across the UK, Ireland, and the USA, they are notable for their premium and innovative products that serve to improve patients’ lives; superior customer service; long-term relationships with health care professionals; as well as their extensive services that are highly ethical and professional.

Hycosan UK is a well-developed range of preservative-free lubricants that helps to alleviate and relieve symptoms such as tired, itchy, and dry eyes. The Hycosan Dual, Extra Eye Drop, and Shield Eye Drop are amongst their top-selling products. Thanks to this range’s 6-months long shelf-life, being contact-lens friendly, and most of all, preservative free, it has been selling exceptionally well. The best thing about Hycosan is its suitability for individuals of all ages. Formulated to fulfil your needs, experience an effective relief with this innovative range today!

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