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Nutri Advanced UK is a family owned and run business. Founded by progresssive and leading naturopath Norman Eddie in 1981, he was powered by the mission to import specialist nutritional supplements to the UK from overseas, primarily from the US. Working alongside his son, Ken Eddie, the duo was dedicated to building their business by sharing their range of high-quality products and educating like-minded professionals.

Presently, Nutri Advanced is owned and run single handedly by Ken Eddie with the same vision he had with his father – to improve people’s health and make them feel well. Their vast range of scientifically formulated products such as their best-selling Magnesium Glycinate Tablets is developed alongside some of the most successful global leaders in the industry of functional medicine.

Underpinned by 3 principles : superior product quality, expert advice and education offered by qualified Nutritionists and professional Business Development Managers, and outstanding customer service; Nutri Advanced has become the exclusive suppliers of Metagenic products in the UK and Ireland, and the sole supplier of Eskimo Omega-3 products across its nation borders.

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